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[Persian Iran articles dated after Aug 6, 2002: http://iranscope.ghandchi.com/Anthology/iranarticlesper.htm]


[English Iran articles dated after Aug 6, 2002: http://iranscope.ghandchi.com/Anthology/iranarticleseng.htm]





******************IRANSCOPE NEWS, Aug 6, Vol 4, Issue 10 Was Released******************


IPS-Efaf House: Religiously Licensed Prostitution In Iran


Pejvak-Khaneh Efaf


Dr. Kazemzadeh-Celebrating Constitutional Revolution of 1905-1911 ..


Wells Matttax-On Iran's Political Situation


About Tabatabai's Killer


Dr. Varjavand-On Iran's Foreign Policy


Ledeen-Europe's Solana on tour


GNN-Book Review-Abbas Milani's "The Persian Sphinx" By Mark Dankof


******************IRANSCOPE NEWS, July 31, Vol 4, Issue 9 Was Released******************


The Coming Revolution in Iran


How Marx Turned Muslim



MPG-Roozbeh Farahanipour's Interview with Radio Israel-PART IV


Stratfor Special Report-Where Is Iran Headed?



******************IRANSCOPE NEWS, July 19, Vol 4, Issue 8 Was Released******************


[Audio] Interview of Emrooz with Iraq's Mohsen Hakim


Federalism is Komala's Solution for National Question in Iran


[Audio] MPG-Roozbeh Farahanipour's Interview with Radio Israel-PART III


Jalaipur-On SazmAne MojAhedine EnghelAbe EslAmi


Admiral Dr. Ahmad Madani-Remembering the People's Uprising on 30 Tir



******************IRANSCOPE NEWS, July 16, Vol 4, Issue 7 Was Released******************


Ledeen-Bush vs. the Mullahs


Interview of Aghajari with Emoorz


Iran's dissident movement gaining ground


Pars Mass Media-Hojatoleslam Kadivar's Speech at MIT


Nourizadeh's Talk with Gooya-About Resignation of Ayatollah Taheri


IPS-Full Text Of Ayatollah Jalaleddin Taheri's Letter in English


Ledeen-The State Department Goes Mute



******************IRANSCOPE NEWS, July 11, Vol 4, Issue 6 Was Released******************


A Persian Kind of Pride


Loud and Clear


IPS-Ayatollah Taheri: Islamic Fascists Are Seriously Endangering Iran and Islam


RFL/RE-Interview with Father of Ahmad Batebi


MPG-Roozbeh Farahanipour's Interview with Radio Israel


Mother of Mohammadi Brothers Speaks


MPG-Interview with Exiled MPG Journalist, Nooshin Barati


IRANfile-Soldiering for Liberty


Michael Ledeen-Turning Point



******************IRANSCOPE NEWS, July 7, 2002 Issue Was Released******************


IPS-Islam Or Democracy: Which Is The Right Size Shoe For Iran? [July 2002]


MPG-mA har kodAm yek bAbakim  [July 2002]


Jebhe-Message of General Nasser Farbod to INF [July 2002]


RFL/RE-...Babak Khorramdin Still Inspires Iranians [July 2002]


RFL/RL's Interview w/ Tabarzadi on the Eve of 18-Tir [July 2002]


Trial of Khordadian [July 2002]


Russia strives to banish Soviet system of 'justice' [July 2002]


IranNameh-Jahangir Amuzegar: Evaluation of Khatami's Reforms [July 2002]

Communique of AKU's Students Association ... [July 2002]

Girl Ordered Gang-Raped in Pakistan [July 2002]


IPS-Study Warns Of Stagnation In Arab Societies [July 2002]


Enghlabe Eslami Zeitung-Banisadr on Curent Situation [July 2002]


Various Event Announcements for 18-Tir (Updated) [July 2002]


Baroo-About Labor Law in Iran [July 2002]


IRI Kayhan and PBS on Thomas Friedman [July 2002]

Where is Iran Heading? [July 2002]

Aftab Yazd-doAgoo: Khatami Must Answer on Chained Murders, Koye dAneshgAh .. [July 2002]

IPS-Iranians Reject Massively The Islamic Republic  [July 2002]



******************IRANSCOPE NEWS, July 2, 2002 Issue Was Released******************


MPG-man chomAghdAre hezbollAham by M. Iranpour [June 2002]


Peyk Iran-18-Tir Demonstrations and IRI’s So-Called War on Hoodlums [June 2002]


Peiknet-IRI In Prepartion of a Confession Show with Pourzand [June 2002]


The View From Tehran [June 2002]


Afghan Exiles Get Mixed Homecoming Welcome  [June 2002]


U.S. Court Says Pledge of Allegiance Unconstitutional [June 2002]


Peiknet-JanjAl Afaridehand tA hesAb pas nadahand [June 2002]


Doostaneh & Koodakan: Two New Additions to the Kids Section [June 2002]



******************IRANSCOPE NEWS, June 26, 2002 Issue Was Released******************



IFRC-Make an Online Donation for Iranian Earthquake [June 2002]


A Palestinian Communiqué Against Martyrdom Attacks [June 2002]


Peyk Iran- F. Jelveh Kidnapped by IRI and in Danger  [June 2002]


Various Event Announcements for 18-Tir  [June 2002]


Tabarzadi on How to Help for the Earthquake  [June 2002]


Zarezadeh on Melli-Mazhabis & IRI  [June 2002]


Iran by the Numbers  [June 2002]


American Primacy in Perspective  [June 2002]


Revelations about New IRI Attempts to Assassinate Dissidents Abroad [June 2002]


Pourzand's Sentence Known to IRI Paper Resalat Ten Days before Court's Verdict! [June 2002]


IFRC-Speedy Red Crescent Response as Earthquake Leaves Hundreds Dead in Iran [June 2002]


Major Earthquakes Since 1906 [June 2002]


USGS-Magnitude 6.5 Western Iran June 21, 2002


Hooshang Vaziri-Stages of the Fall of Iran's President (Part 2-End) [June 2002]


Another Major Earthquake in Bou'in-Zahra of Qazvin after 40 years [June 2002]


Letter to ECHR on Behalf of Saeed Masouri   [June 2002]


U.S. Courts Iraq Rebels With Ties To Mullahs   [June 2002]


The History of Soccer in IRAN  [Posted June 2002]

Former Highranking  PMOI "Sobhani" Speaks of Torture in Their Camps  [June 2002]

[Afghanestan's] Female Minister 'is Afghan Rushdie'  [June 2002]

Interview of Habermas after His Visit of Iran  [June 2002]


******************IRANSCOPE NEWS, June 19, 2002 Issue Was Released******************


Dr Hasaan Massali-Tahavole Democratic [June 2002]


Tabarzadi-Jebhe Democratic Meli on July 9th Anniversary  [June 2002]


Shaheen Fatemi-...The New Europe at a Crossroad  [June 2002]


Dr. Mossadegh & 1953 CIA Coup  [June 2002] 


Hooshang Vaziri-Stages of the Fall of Iran's President (1) [June 2002]


Hasibi-If This Is FreeMasonary, Then We All Are ... [June 2002]


[Mossadegh] Icon of Democracy [June 2002]


New York Times: Iran's Third Wave [June 2002]


Bush Gives CIA More Power to Oust Iraq's Saddam [June 2002]


Massoume Price-Is Rumi What We Think He Is? [June 2002]


Saudi Man Beheaded for Murder [June 2002]


Dr. Varjavand-Security is to Safeguard Independence, not to Hound Known Forces [June 2002]


IPS-Loya Jirga for an Islamic Republic of Afghanistan [June 2002]


IRI Dirty Tricks  [June 2002]


Reported Crash of Spy Plane Bodes Badly for U.S. [June 2002]


Unnecessary Circumcision [Posted June 2002]


Karzai Elected Afghan Leader [June 2002]



******************IRANSCOPE NEWS, June 14, 2002 Issue Was Released******************


Akbar Ganji-Revolution, Jail, and Solitary Confinement  [June 2002]


Dariush Homayoon-Czarism, pishvA, and khodAyegAn  [June 2002]


IRI Making the Next Khatami  [June 2002]


Loya Jirga 2002  [June 2002]


Afghanistan Begins Again  [June 2002]


Down with Islamism/Islamic Fascism  [June 2002]


What Will be Iran's Future Constitution? [June 2002]


Clicking Without Thinking?  [June 2002]


Fatwa Killing of Ahmad Kasravi and Others by Islamic Fundamentalists [June 2002]


Sources on Circumcision  [Reposted June 2002]


Circumcision, the Hidden Crime  [June 2002]


Daniel Pearl's Widow Gives Birth to Baby Boy  [June 2002]


George Soros-The Capitalist Threat  [Posted June 2002]


Power and Weakness  [June 2002]


Dr. Payman on proximity with a Faction of IRI Fundamentalists  [June 2002]


Ezzatollah Sahabi on Vahid Sadegh'is Kidnapping Report  [June 2002]


Do MelliMazhabis Want IRI to Be Replaced with a Secular Government? [June 2002]


Kayhan of IRI’s  Comments about Amir Kabir University Student Elections [June 2002]


IPS-Iran Confirmed Its Role As The Main Supporter Of "Terrorists" [June 2002]


Iran-va-Jahan's Exclusive interview with Michael Ledeen [Posted June 2002]


Dr Hasaan Massali-Forces...[June 2002]


Appeasing MKO is Like Appeasing Nazi Fascism [June 2002]


Kant and the Limits of Civil Obedience [Posted May 2002]


Two Articles by Akbar Ganji  [Posted May 2002]


Dariush Rajali-How not to Talk about Torture .. [Posted May 2002]


Ervand Abrahamian's Tortured Confessions and Other Works [Posted May 2002]


Jürgen Graf Welcomed in Iran   [Posted May 2002]


Interview of Vahid Sadeghi with RFL/RE Persian Service Radio  [May 2002]


IPS-Commuting Murderers’ Sentences Connected To Political Situation [May 2002]


Modern Iran Threatens Persian Landmark  [May 2002]


IPC-The Legacy of Kourosh Aryamanesh  [May 2002]


Testimonials Update of Constitution Society Web Site [May 2002]


Bahai UHJ's April 2002 Message to World Religious Leaders [Posted May 2002]


Juan Cole-Fundamentalism in the Contemporary U.S. Baha'i Community [Posted May 2002]


Iran Restricts Media on U.S. Talks  [May 2002]


Interview of Prince Reza Pahlavi with Paltalk  [May 2002]


Saudi Top Islamic Cleric Criticizes U.N [May 2002]


U.S. Told To Lessen Saudi Dependence  [May 2002]


Perfidious Princes  [May 2002]


Translation of Interview with James Woolsey about US Policy on Iran [May 2002]


US: Iraq-Based Iran Opposition Aids Iraq Gov't  [May 2002]


US Dept of State-...Foreign Terrorist Organizations including MKO [May 2002]


US Dept of State-Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism [May 2002]


IAIS: A New Wave Applying Resistance to the Student Movement [May 2002]


Despite Persecution, Bahai Keeps the Faith [May 2002]


Juan Cole on the Cultish Practices of the Baha'i Faith  [Posted May 2002]


Rocks Used for Stoning in Iran [Posted May 2002]


Interview of Prince Reza Pahlavi with KRSI about Nonviolence & Civil Disobedience-April27 [Posted May 2002]


Ayatollah Montazeri on Pourzand [May 2002]


Opinion Of Three Major Ayatollahs About Iran Joining Intl Women Convention [May 2002]


What’s the Purpose of Life? [May 2002]


RSF-Iran Report 2002 [May 2002]


Lessons We Can Learn from History [May 2002]


Political Satire from the Site of HamMihanIrani  [Posted May 2002]


hasan bin sabbah and the secret order of hashishins [Posted May 2002]


In Defense of Prince Reza Pahlavi  [May 2002]


Amir Taheri-Muslims play games with words to justify suicide attacks  [May 2002]


LDDHI-Fear for Life of Siamak Pourzand [May 2002]


Pejvak Radio's Interview w/ a Prostitute  in Iran,  May 9, 2002


Perspective on Life According to George Costanza  [May 2002]


Tim Wise-Anti-Semitism, Real and Imagined  [May 2002]


Shahrokh Vaziri-La Republique Chaotique-CEDI Publ March 2002  [Posted May 2002]


Dr. Kazemzadeh's letter to PBS Frontline  [May 2002]


IAIS: Students of Amir Kabir University Warn Regime  [May 2002]


I condemn Bush Admin's Decision to Disengage US from ICC  [May 2002]


Giordano Bruno-Biography  [May 2002]


My Views on Ethics  [May 2002]


Slideshow of July 9, 1999 Students Movement in Iran  [Posted May 2002]


Inklings: Science Allah Carte  [May 2002]


Tabarzadi and Asking for Human Rights Conditions for Relations with Iran  [May 2002]


AI: Wonderful News!   [May 2002]


Afghanestan Still Stuck in an Islamic Judiciary  [May 2002]


Mollas Smuggling GheerI(tar)  [Apr 2002]


Egypt and Iran and Fall to Arab Invasion  [Apr 2002]


Persian Music Radio Programs and Videos  [Apr 2002]


Noam Chomsky & Edward Said: Why don't they condemn IRI Atrocities  [Apr 2002]


Palestinians Lynched as Collaborators  [Apr 2002]


IRI & Caspian Sea Negotiations  [Apr 2002]


Is Socialism More Just?  [Apr 2002]


RSF: Concern about Siamak Pourzand  [Apr 2002]


Popper- On Kantian Concept of War on War  [Apr 2002]

What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response  [Apr 2002]

do zan-The Movie  [Apr 2002]


A Discrimination against Iranians in the US because of IRI  [Apr 2002]


Slideshow of Human Rights in Iran  [Apr 2002]


A Setback for Human Rights in Iran  [Apr 2002]

Dissolve MKO (mojahedine khalgh organization)  [Apr 2002]


From Eric Hoffer's "True Believer"  [Apr 2002]


About Palestine [Apr 2002]

A Note about My Article on the Left and its Schism  [Apr 2002]


Newspapers Encouraged to Promote World Press Freedom Day on 3 May  [Apr 2002]


Afghan Woman Teacher Attacked with Acid  [Apr 2002]

Status of Iranians in Arab Countries and in Israel  [Apr 2002]


Nigel Terry in the Role of Zarathushtra  [Apr 2002]


WTC Reconstruction  [Apr 2002]


Shaban "Beemokh" Jafari by Homa Sarshar  [Apr 2002]

CICC Press Release on ICC Ratification [Apr 2002]


Ratification Ceremony at UN Paves Way for International Criminal Court [Apr 2002]


Senate Passes Bipartisan Election Reform [Apr 2002]


Let's Not Fall for the Underdog Games [Apr 2002]


Never Forget MKO in meydoon-e Ferdosi 1360 [Apr 2002]


One-way Street: Palestinians Expectation of Iranian Progressive Movement [Apr 2002]

AI: URGENT ACTION: Help Over 1000 Palestinians [Apr 2002]


About Designing New Democracy  [April 2002]


gar agar tabib boodi ... [Apr 2002]


Ahmad Batebi: AI Urgent Action! [Apr 2002]


Farrokh-Din Parsay & Fakhr-Afaq Parsay [Apr 2002]


Why HezbollAhis Make Personal Attacks? [Apr 2002]


Re: The US and Prince Reza Pahlavi [Apr 2002]


Once again on Reza Pahlavi and Pro-Democracy Movement in Iran  [April 2002]


The Answer is Secularism [Mar 2002]


*Rule of Law* and *Judgment by the People* [Mar 2002]


Shaheen Fatemi-Resolution in U.S. Congress Expresses True Iranian Sentiments [Mar 2002]


US CONGRESS: Resolution Submitted by Congressman Gutknecht [Mar 2002]


About Madison's Federalist Papers & Federalism In Iran [Mar 2002]


Agent Provocateurs  [Mar 2002]


Vevak & Savak: By Federation of American Scientists  [Posted Mar 2002]


Steven Emerson-American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us  [Mar 2002]


Nationalization of Oil in Iran  [Mar 2002]


A. Raffaele Ciriello: My Condolences to Humanity  [Mar 2002]


About Norouz this Year  [Mar 2002]


The Problem Of Alternative Is The Left  [Mar 2002]


Interview w/ Sister of Akbar & Manoucher Mohamadi  [Mar 2002]


A Report of AIC March Meeting with the US Senators [Mar 2002]


Sam Ghandchi-NorouzetAn Pirouz [Mar 2002]


Afghan Girl Found After 17 Years [Mar 2002]


Dr. Hassan Massali-Norouz Mobarak [Mar 2002]


Virginia Marks Norouz as Iranian-American Day [Mar 2002]


Constitutions of Iran and Other Countries in History [Feb 2002]


The Commemoration of Mohammad Ali Saffari  [Feb 2002]


Framework: A Futurist Unity Plan [Feb 2002]


[Sci]  Jaron Lanier "You Can't Argue with a Zombie"  [Feb 2002]


Why Shi’a Clergy Should Be Kept Out Of Iran’s State Offices?  [Feb 2002]


Daniel Pearl, The WSJ Reporter  [Feb 2002]


Akram Hassan-Zadeh, Student Activist, Killed by the Islamic Regime's Forces  [Feb 2002]


Dr. Hassan Massali's Book about Iranian Left  [Posted Feb 2002]


[Sci] Baseless Technophobia Underlies the New Techno-left's Anti-capitalism [Posted Feb 2002]


Dr. Kazemzadeh-Thanking Ms. Ashleigh Banfield for Excellent Reporting from Iran [Feb 2002]


Open Letter to President Bush & Heads of Other States  [Feb 2002]

Interview with Ayandeh-Negar Radio (Sam Ghandchi)  [Feb 2002]


Dr. Parviz Varjavand-On Iran's Future  [Feb 2002]

Statistics (Interesting Data about Iranian-American Community in the U.S.)  [Feb 2002]


IAIS--The Humanitarian Revolution  [Feb 2002]


Dariush Foruhar's Letter of Support for Abolition of Death Penalty, to IHRWG Chair, Dr. Bagher Zadeh, in 1997 [Posted Jan 2002]


Iran and the Global Economic Change [Jan 2002]

Pictures of Snow-covered Tehran [Jan 2002]


My Selected Articles Updated [Jan 2002]


IAIS-Teachers' Demonstration Continued ... [Jan 2002]


NUJ-Who Killed Five Journalists in Iran?  [Jan 2002]


[Sci] Human Abstract Thought Twice Earlier and Origin in Africa  [Jan 2002]


Federal Democratic Republic of Iran?? [Jan 2002]


Mounting Pressure Leads to Death of Iranian Student  [Jan 2002]


After Khatami [Dec 2001]


Falsafeh-e Elm Dar Gharn-e Bistom  [Dec 2001]

Thanksgiving and its History  [Nov 2001]


Progressiveness in the Present Epoch  [Posted Nov 2001]


Fasting has Adverse Impact on the Body  [Posted Nov 2001]


Afghan Powerbrokers: Who's Who [Nov 2001]


Yazdgird III Letter To Omar  [Posted Nov 2001]


Dr. Mohammad Parvin-Fight Against Terrorism: Deeds vs. Words  [Nov 2001]


What is Modern Democracy? [Nov 2001]

Genocide of Kurds in Iraq  [Nov 2001]


Human Rights and Social Justice  [Nov 2001]


IRI Apologists:  Under The Cloak Of Fighting Foreign Aggression!!  [Oct 2001]


Internet Cabling Infrastructure in Iran  [Oct 2001]


Dr. Kazemzadeh-On Recent Events in Iran [Oct 2001]


Bonyade Koodak  [Oct 2001]


Open Letter of Manouchehr Mohammadi [Oct 2001]


Bin Laden Family [Oct 2001]


Stop the "Death to America" Slogan [Oct 2001]


FW: Nasser Khosrow Alavi-Crying Eagle  [Oct 2001]

Dr. Kazemzadeh-Please add JM Policy Statement  [Oct 2001]


Sources on Terrorism from World Future Society (WFS)  [Sept 2001]


Statement by Ibn Warraq on the WTC Atrocity  [Sept 2001]


Vigilantes Break Up Tehran Vigil  [Sept 2001]


From Salman Rushdie to WTC [Sept 2001]


Condemn Terrorist Attacks  [Sept 11, 2001]


DNA Tests Give Idahoan Freedom After 17 Years on Death Row [Aug 2001]


Ali Reza Nourizadeh-Tape of Coup Planners [Aug 2001]


About Helping a Victim of Death Sentence in Pakistan for Blasphemy [Aug 2001]


Re: The Iranian Futurist Party Platform [July 2001]


Re: Iranian Futurist Party Platform [July 2001]


Iranian Futurist Party Platform [July 2001]


MEHR's Press Release on "Election" in Persian [June 2001]


fanAvari  [June 2001]


On the Occasion of another Sangsar in Iran  [May 2001]


On the Occasion of Jafar Panahi's Protest  [May 2001]


Reza Pahlavi [Apr 2001]


May 2, 2001-DR. MOHAMMAD MOSSADEGH DAY in Illinois [Mar 2001]


Happy Norouz [Mar 2001]


Re: Cultural Relativism - This Era's Fascism [Feb 2001]


Political Murders in Iran  [Jan 2001]


Closed-door Trial of Foruhars' Murderers [Jan 2001]


Dr. Amir Bagher Madani-How Japan Became a Big Power [Nov 2000]


Why Vote for Al Gore? [Oct 2000]


Forgotten Chapter of History Buried in Polish Graves in Iran [Oct 2000]


Blasphemy - Keyhan ..  [Sept 2000]


Petition to Abolish Qessas Laws in Iran  [July 2000]


The Who's of Dr. Mossadegh's Overthrow  [June 2000]


NYT Site Exposes CIA Agents  [June 2000]


Welcome to Nader Oskoui  [June 2000]


Golshiri ravAnash shAd  [June 2000]


Bashgah-e-Ayandeh NGO [May 2000]


One Lesson of 1979 [Apr 2000]


A.Raffaele Ciriello-Iran-Photoreportage  [Apr 2000]


How Do Average Iranians View the Baha'i Faith?  [Mar 2000]


Emadedin Baghi-GhatlhAyeh Zanjirei  [Jan 2000]


dAstAn-e kanizak (Molavi)  [Jan 2000]


EnghelAb EslAmi-Terror List  [Dec 1999]


Rahe Kargar-Maghtulin [Dec 1999]


Blood Stains of 16-Azar 1332 still at dAneshkadeh-Fani [Nov 1999]


16-Azar 1332 (Dec 7, 1953) Rooz-e dAneshjoo [Nov 1999]


Kurds and Formation of Central Government in Iran [Posted Aug 1999]


End Justifying the Means! [Posted Aug 1999]


Abbassi-Human Right to Heresy in Islam-1994 [Posted Aug 1999]


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