Pirooz: Pesar-e Yazdgerd-e Sevvom



* History: Pirooz in China
Defeated Persian army takes refuge

By Frank Wong
August 11, 2000
The Iranian

In 651 A.D., the Persian king Yazdgerd III was captured and beheaded by
Arab invaders in what is today's Turkmenistan. His son, Pirooz survived and
fled east to China. Here's an account from Chinese historians.
I read the story of Pirooz written in a formal and ancient aristocratic
Chinese language. It was quite tough, but with the help of my Chinese
friends and associates I got through it. It was written by Prince Nah-shieh
(Narseh), who was the son of Prince Pirooz, who was the son of King
Yazdgerd III-- the last Sasanid king of Persia. Narseh was a Chinese
general stationed in the Tang Chinese military garrisons in what are
today's Afghanistan, Tajikistan and parts of Uzbekistan