Persian Words in English


Americans who say they know no Persian know more than they think they know. Over a hundred and fifty English words have been borrowed from the Persian. Here are sixty words in common use which we have taken from them:

        azure		jasmine		naphtha		satrap
        bazaar		jasper		narcissus	scarlet
        candy		julep		orange		scimitar
        caravan		jungle		palanquin	seersucker
        cheque		khaki		paradise        shawl
        chess		lemon		peach		sherbet
        cinnabar        lilac		peacock		spinach
        cypress		lime		pear		sugar
        dervish		Magi		puttee		taffeta
        divan		magic		pajama		tapestry
        exchequer	margarine	rice		tiara
        gazelle		marguerite	rook		tiger
        henna		muscadel        saccharine      tulip
        jackal		musk		saffron		turban
        jargon		myrtle		sash		verandah