"Attention is not the same as concentration.  Concentration is exclusion; attention, which is total awareness, excludes nothing.  It seems to me that most of us are not aware, not only of what we are talking about but of our environment, the clouds, the movement of water.  PErhaps it is because we are so concerned with ourselves, with our own petty little problems, our own ideas, our own pleasures, pursuits and ambitions that we are not objectively aware.  And yet we talk a great deal about awareness.  Once in India I was travelling in a car.  There was a chauffeur driving and I was sitting beside him.   There were three gentlemen behind discussing awareness, and unfortunately at that moment the driver was looking somewhere else and he ran over a goat, and the three gentlemen were still discussing awareness-totally unaware that they had run over a goat.  When this lack of attention was pointed out to those gentlemen who were trying to be aware it was a great surprise to them"