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Shahrnush Parsipur's Newest Book


Shahrnush Parsipur's latest book, "Bar Baaleh Bad Neshastan", has
just been published.

To support this admired writer whose only source of income is from
her books, we are organizing a fund raising to auction her book for
$100 and above.

If you are interested in reading this beautiful novel and want to support
Sharnoosh Parsipoor at the same time, we ask that you send your
check to the order of "Pooran Mehdizadeh", at the following address:

Pooran Mehdizadeh
P O Box 6191
Albany, CA 94706

We invite you to join us for a get together with the author on January
26th in Berkeley, and receive your copy of the book. Please indicate
your phone number or address so that we may contact you with the
details of the event.

For those who can not join us on the 26th, or if you prefer to receive
your copy of the book by mail, please indicate your mailing address
along with the check.

If you have any questions please call 510-558-8180 or send
an e-mail to vidaoo@yahoo.com