1953 Coup in Iran, Feb 23, 6:00PM, UC Berkeley, Prof . Mark Gasiorowski

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"Center for Dialogue" presents:
"The 1953 Coup in Iran", A talk by Professor Mark Gasiorowski

from Department of Political Science, Louisiana State University.

Date: Sunday February 23, 2003

Time: 6:00 P.M.

Place: 2040 Valley Life Science Building
University of California, Berkeley

Lecture in English

On August 19, 1953, the CIA carried out a coup d'etat in Iran
which overthrew the government of Prime Minister Mohammad
Mosaddeq. This coup was an extremely important event, initiating
a 25-year period of dictatorship in Iran and a sharp increase in
the use of covert political operations by the CIA. Professor
Gasiorowski will present a detailed overview of the coup,
focusing on the reasons the United States carried out the coup,
its operational details, the relative importance of the various
participants, and the consequences of the coup.

This presentation is based on Professor Gasiorowski's extensive
research into the coup, including interviews with most of the key
participants and an analysis of many hundreds of documents in the
US and British archives and other sources. The presentation is
based on an article by Professor Gasiorowski that will appear in
a book he has coedited with Malcolm Byrne, titled Mohammad
Mosaddeq and the 1953 Coup in Iran (Syracuse University Press,

Professor Mark Gasiorowski is the author of "U.S.
Foreign Policy and the Shah" (Cornell University Press, 1991) and
coeditor (with Nikki Keddie) of "Neither East or West" (Yale
University Press, 1990). He has published numerous scholarly
articles about Iranian politics and other topics, and is
currently writing a book about Iranian politics since the Islamic